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Back in 1966 a few of our founding members built the club lodge on Mt. Ruapehu. The lodge is geared up to sleep 32 and host raging parties all winter, and even with all the student antics we’ve been able to keep the place in good knick.

The UASC lodge is a 32-bed haven for students and alike to gather up on the mountain throughout the winter season. It’s ridiculously close to the main chairlift at the base of Whakapapa, just a few minutes walk and you’re in line to get up the mountain. We hold events with organised transport every few weekends to make sure there’s an opportunity for everyone to get down there at some point.

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Our goal as a club is to make snowsports as accessible as possible to our members and fellow students at The University of Auckland. We keep the prices low and the value good so that everybody can go hard at the mountain, and go home without breaking the bank. 

The club is a non-profit run by students and members, and staying at our lodge is possibly the best experience you can have as a student on the mountain. We ask that you be a tidy kiwi and help out with daily duties to keep our lodge running smoothly.

Simply sign up as a member, and log in through our website. We have a new and improved booking system this year so you can pick your ski dates and plan our your season to get as many snow days as possible! 

The bookings will open month by month to provide everyone with a chance to book through the season.

P.s. Our booking system isn’t open yet, so plan out the dates on your calendar and wait for our post to say its in action!

These are the dates reserved for organised events and spaces will become available through Facebook when the events are posted.

During the season, UASC members will be doing trips all week, and definitely on weekends. Like our Facebook Page and Ride Share Group to arrange carpooling with other members. Or if you have space in your car and want to share the cost of gas, advertise a few seats on the ride share group. 
Please note that if you are organising your own transport it is your responsibility to make sure that you can get up the mountain (that means a suitable vehicle and chains if you need them). 

We also run club trips on weekends throughout the season with organised transport. See our event page for info.

Our lodge is in one of the most convenient spots on the mountain. We’re in the Iwikau Village, Whakapapa. Just take a left at the top of Bruce Road, come down loop road and you’ll find overnight parking and the UASC lodge on your left. Look for The University of Auckland Snowsports Club sign over the door. 
For a more detailed map and description see our contact page.

There is overnight parking all along the loop road where our lodge is located.  From 2020, if you are arriving in the evening then you can drive up the mountain and park in one of the clubs car parks.  If you are arriving in the morning or during the day then you will need to book a parking spot through RAL, this goes live on the 8th of July and you can find the FAQ here.

At the very least you’ll need a sleeping bag and basic toiletries. We also recommend the following:

  • Pillow
  • Sheet for the mattress
  • Towel
  • Lunch food (there are also cafes up the mountain)
  • Warm clothing (we have a fireplace but it’s still a snowy mountain)
  • Your ski gear!

You’ll probably also want to bring snacks if you eat lots, and alcohol if you’re that way inclined.
We definitely are. 
We have a fridge for members to use, and a huge deck outside to keep your drinks chilly.

Arrive any time after 5pm.

You must checkout by 11am.

We have two bunk rooms, with 32 spaces total. The bunks are clustered in groups of about 4-8 beds. There are 24 single bunks and 4 double bunks.

  • Shared bunk rooms
  • Kitchen facilities – fridge, water on tap, tea and coffee, a funnel
  • Lounge, pit, and fireplace
  • Male and female bathrooms with hot showers
  • Drying room for all your wet gear after a hard day out on the ice
  • Ski storage/tuning room, tuning tools by request to the custodian if we can trust you
  • Games and stuff
  • Two great-hall style dining tables which are excellent for beer pong

Please email bookings@uasc.co.nz if you wish to be placed on the waitlist or for further queries about overflow.

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