Behaviour Policy 2017

It is important that all members conduct themselves in a responsible manner while at the UASC lodge, and show the utmost respect for their own safety, the safety and wellbeing of other guests, and for the lodge itself. By purchasing a night at the lodge you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions. If you do not adhere to these rules, you may face suspension of your membership or in extreme cases, risk expulsion from the club.

UASC Behaviour Policy

  1. General Rules

    1. Guests shall acquaint themselves with the fire safety procedures and comply immediately with fire or other safety drills, alarms and instructions.
    2. Guests are expected to take responsibility for their bunk room area as well as the living area, and will clean any messes when they are discovered, whether it is your own or not. Any marks left on your mattress must be cleaned before you leave.
    3. If you come across any full bins in the lodge, you are expected to replace the bags with new ones (found in the kitchen drawers or food store) and place the full bins in the foyer where they can be found for those on rubbish duty that night.
    4. Any dishes made outside of mealtimes must be cleaned by that member after they have eaten.
    5. Food in the food store is not for guests to eat outside of breakfast and dinner unless approved by the custodian or a member of the committee.
    6. On that note, don’t eat anybody else’s food or drink their alcohol.
    7. No guests are allowed in the lodge that have not been booked in by a member. If you have a friend staying in another lodge on the mountain they are not allowed in UASC unless they are known by a committee member, have been explicitly approved and their details have been noted.
    8. Certain areas of the lodge are restricted, including the food store, custodian room and committee room and are not for general members.
    9. Guests are expected to behave appropriately - reckless behaviour is not permitted.
    10. UASC is not responsible for the loss, theft or damage of any personal belongings. Guests are responsible for their personal valuables.

  2. Drinking and partying rules

    1. Drink responsibly. Don’t ruin other people's nights by going too far.
    2. All bottles are to be put in the appropriate recycling bins.
    3. Anybody found to consistently put themselves in danger as a result of consuming alcohol will be given two warnings, then a suspension of membership if the behaviour continues.
    4. Music must be off by 1am on a powder day during regular weekday/weeknight bookings.
    5. Anybody who can’t quite make it to the toilet bowl before being sick is 100% expected to clean it up themselves. This is with proper disinfectant as well, found under the sink.
    6. If you have been asked by the custodian or a committee member to stop doing something, you must adhere to that rule or face suspension.
    7. There will be absolutely NO swinging on rafters, climbing on the mezzanine, standing on benches or anything else considered a Health and Safety offence.

  3. Grounds for suspension or expulsion of membership

    1. All guests will abide by the custodian’s and committee’s rules while staying at the lodge.
    2. Members will adhere to the UASC Health and Safety Policy standards around the lodge, for instance around the fire, when in the mezzanine area and in the kitchen. Any person found showing blatant disrespect for these standards will face a suspension of membership.
    3. The inside of the lodge is SMOKE FREE. During extreme weather smoking is permitted in the tuning room. However this privilege will be revoked if the room is not treated appropriately - cigarette butts in ashtray and window closed after use.
    4. Any damage to the lodge or its contents must be reported to a committee member and the member who caused it will be expected to pay for repair. If this damage is found to be non-accidental it is at the decision of the UASC committee whether it will be pursued further.
    5. Any activities undertaken by members on the mountain that gain the negative attention of other clubs or RAL will be discussed by the committee who will decide if those members will face suspension of membership.
    6. Members staying in other mountain lodges hired out by UASC for events will treat the lodge with the utmost respect and will adhere to all rules laid out by the committee and that lodge’s custodian whilst staying there. Any damage will be reported right away to both the committee and the person in charge of that lodge and those found ignoring the rules may face a suspension of membership.
    7. All guests are expected to bring appropriate cold-weather and wet-weather gear to the lodge, and is expected to wear it when conditions warrant it. Anybody found putting themselves in danger on the mountain by not having appropriate gear will face consequences at the hands of a committee decision.
    8. Violence in ANY WAY is not tolerated and WILL result in a suspension or cancellation of membership.
    9. Drugs and illicit substances are explicitly banned from UASC and any guest who brings them will be asked to leave the lodge and banned for the remainder of the season.


If you would like more information concerning our approach to behaviour please contact us.