Upcoming Events

Girls BYO

We're up for changing the stereotype that snowsports is a male-dominated activity. Who run the world? Girls. Come meet girlfriends with the same passions as you. This event is perfect to familiarise yourself with faces within the club, and perhaps make life-long friends that you can carpool down to the lodge with for those cheeky day trips.

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Organised Weekend #1: Cross Dress

The first official UASC winter event, celebrate your first week back at uni with a weekend on the mountain and all transport, food and accommodation sorted by us! The theme is cross dress and dress up is expected. 😉
Check out the event on Facebook for more information!

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Pub Quiz

Our pub quizzes always go OFF, so bring your UASC shirt (for 15% off at Shadows) and some mates for a ripper of a night testing your general knowledge and sinking Shadows lager like you don’t have class tomorrow.

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Beginners Weekend

The inaugural lodge weekend for so many of our current regular members, Beginner’s Weekend is reserved strictly for new members or those who haven’t been to the lodge before! If it’s anything like previous years you’ll go in knowing nobody, and come out with your own UASC family. ❤

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Varsity Week

Varsity Week is a decades-old institution on the mountain where we party hard and shred even harder, and you know that this year will be no different. The first week of the UoA holidays will see students flooding in from the north for an entire week of snow all day, partying all night. This event always sells out within minutes so do not be the one that misses out!!

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Organised Disco-Theme Weekend

To celebrate the beginning of the spring skiing (and boarding), our very own resident DJ Terry Shaw will be spinning the funkiest tunes from the 70s for a disco on Saturday night. Wind down after a hard day in the slush with your best flared pants and a damn good boogie.

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Bingo Night

A new addition to the UASC events schedule last year, our last two bingo nights have been seriously rowdy and this semester’s will be no different. Don’t miss out on your chance to scream BINGO BANGO BONGO or standing-69 with your best mate for a prize. See you @ Shadows!

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Club Champs

Consider yourself a speedy gonzalas? Or just want to have a fun go at a racing course? The weekend where we find out who the fastest skiers and boarders in the club really are… Sign up for your chance to show off how fast you can send it down the mountain, with a wee evening shindig to celebrate your efforts.

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Believe it or not, UASC is a legit business and we need the best possible people to run it. Come along to vote for your committee, or even better, try for a position! Think you could be our next President? Events leader? Website guru? See you there!

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End of Season Party

How else do you celebrate the end of the season than drowning your sorrows with your new mates in the slightly warmer ear? Always a good party and the perfect way to celebrate the end of a sick season. 😃