UASC hosts a variety of events throughout the year. During the winter season, we run organised trips down to the lodge on weekends throughout the season, a trip to the South Island and the infamous Varsity week. Our Auckland based events include regular snowplanet nights, quizzes, bingo, a beer pong tournament, lawn bowls and just general ragers.

Keep an eye on the Facebook page to keep up to date on all our events. 

Upcoming Events

Welcome Party

17th March

Heyooooo there might not be any snow right now but that doesn’t mean we can’t party! Join us at Shadows bar on the 17th from 7pm for a welcome party to get to know the committee and your fellow club members for 2021. This is the perfect time to meet people that you can head to the mountain with in semester 2.

Tongariro Crossing

26th - 28th March

Being the first event at our lodge of the year, there is no snow yet. Nevertheless we get out on the mountain by foot to do the best day hike the country has to offer. With transport, two nights accommodation, food and a guaranteed good time included, it’s the best way to meet both our lodge and 30 of your new best mates!

Beer Pong Tournament

29th April

If there’s anything we take more seriously than snowsports, it’s the art of BEER PONG. The time has come to put everything on the table and prove your skills. Who will be the UASC 2021 Champions?

Bingo Night

20th May

Our last bingo nights have been seriously rowdy and this semester’s will be no different. Don’t miss out on your chance to scream BINGO BANGO BONGO or standing-69 with your best mate for a prize. See you @ Shadows!

South Island Trip

4th - 10th July

South Island Trip!! It’s the opportunity for you and 39 mates to stay in Wanaka skiing/boarding at both Wanaka and Treble Cone ski fields for 5 days and 6 nights. We provide flights, accommodation, lift passes, transport, breakfast and dinner! All you need to do is buy a ticket and get ready to enjoy the snow during the day and the antics that follow into the evening.

Beginners' Weekend

23rd - 25th July

UASC is infamous for it’s organised trips away and this one will be no exception! it’s a chance for all of you new members to the club to experience all the good times that the club has to offer and to meet other members as well!

Organised Weekend #2

6th - 8th August

Our second organised weekend of the year. Come down to the lodge with us, shredding all day and partying all night.

Organised Weekend #3

20th - 22nd August

Our third organised weekend of the year. Come down to the lodge with us, shredding all day and partying all night.

Rangatira Trophy (Race Weekend)

28th August

Send it at the first UASC race weekend of the year!

Varsity Week

5th - 10th September

Varsity Week is a decades-old institution on the mountain where we party hard and shred even harder, and you know that this year will be no different. The first week of the UoA holidays will see students flooding in from the north for an entire week of snow all day, partying all night. This event always sells out within minutes so do not be the one that misses out!!

Club Champs (Race Weekend)

24th - 26th September

Club Champs is UASC’s annual event which finds the fastest Skiers and Snowboarders in the club.Speed demon or not, Club Champs is a celebration of all things UASC. Beer pong, funnels, shot skis, table dancing, lost nights, and not to mention skiing and boarding! After a hard day skiing and racing, join us back at the one and only, UASC, for the best prizegiving you’ve ever attended. Trophies will be awarded, prizes given and shortly following, the party will be in full swing.

Pub Quiz Night

30th September

Our pub quizzes always go OFF, so bring your mates for a ripper of a night testing your general knowledge and sinking Shadows lager like you don’t have class tomorrow.