Introducing the 2024 Club Captain

My name is Thomas and I’m stoked to be the UASC Club Captain for 2024! I’ve been a part of the club since 2022 and stayed at the lodge more times than I can count – it really is that good. After a disappointing season in terms of racing last year due to the mountain’s financial woes, we’re looking forward to an awesome season full of racing this year! Make sure you head to the events and plan some trips to the mountain and I can guarantee you will gain life-long memories and friendships just as I have done. Looking forward to seeing you all out there on the slopes!

Each year, 4 Ruapehu clubs put on races and afterparties at Whakapapa. UASC has been a dedicated member of these over the years, and we have quite the collection of trophies.
Our club isn’t serious about this, you won’t find many of us in the spandex and shinguards. Although we sometimes do have some serious pace, we are out there to have fun, to enjoy a little competition and to leave a mark on our club’s history.

We would love to have anyone come and try out racing – our club wishes to provide people with the opportunity to learn the sport while having fun. It’s important to note both Snowboarding and Skiing are welcome, there are events for each!

To stay in the loop

To keep up to date with all things UASC Racing, join this Facebook Group, just follow the link and click join, the Club Captain will accept you in. Also stay posted for a racing subsection in the UASC messenger community!


We are pleased to offer exclusive racing nights for our members (as well as the usual snowplanet nights). This is where we can have the whole slope to ourselves at snowplanet. There will also be some coaches on hand to give us some tips and advice, which will be great to learn with and sharpen up some rusty skills. Will be putting these up as Facebook events so keep an eye out for them!
Quickfire Details:
Exclusive access to the snow, course and coach, skis/board/boots.
Clothing is an additional cost.
Helmets are required.
Minimum attendance = 20.
Times = 8.15pm- 9.45pm
Dates = TBD

Whakapapa Events

These are the big ones, with prizes at stake and our pride to uphold! Or not so, we love a good tumble.
UASC will enter teams into these races split on Male/Female and Board/Ski.
After an afternoon or morning of racing the Host clubs throws epic afterparties for the prize giving and of course for the hard working racers. This is a great opportunity to get to know other clubbies/racers.
The Races and dates are as follows:

TBD: Christiana Derby

Best for starters and people who are looking to test their skills on a mountain. Will try to enter a bunch of teams!

TBD : Haensli Cup

The Competitive one, serious racers please come along and get us some prestigious cups! (Happy to race a social team if theres demand as well!)

TBD : Rangatira

Yet another race we can win so come along!

TBD : Ngauruhoe

The final club race of the season, come and finish it on a high for the club!

TBD : Club Champs

This is our clubs racing event for UASC members, come test yourselves against each other and celebrate springmas in style !